Important Community Rules

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Dimitri Donovan

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Mar 17, 2020
Community Rules

1.1 – You must respect every member of the community and may not engage in racism, homophobia or other hateful behavior. This rule does not apply for general abuse, if someone calls you a mean word just ignore it but if its excessive then report it.
1.2 – You may not mislead others regarding your gender, occupation or rank/position in the community. (E.G Stolen Valor)
1.3 – You may not advertise or promote other communities on any Block Island Life platforms and may not target Block Island members with promotion or advertisement.
1.4 – Inciting drama or fueling drama within the community to create a hostile environment is not tolerated on any Block Island Life platforms.
1.5 - In situations that are confusing or grey areas, use common sense.
1.6 - Real-world trading (RWT), also called real-world item trading (RWIT), is the act of trading anything outside of Block Island for Block Island items or services, or vice versa. This is not allowed.
1.7 - You can not leak direct messages from staff members under any circumstances without permission. This includes discord messages, teamspeak messages and more.
1.8 - You can not soundboard members of the community without permission.
1.8.1 - You can not soundboard staff members at all at anytime.
1.9 You must not AFK while in-game to farm paychecks doing so result in a account wipe
1.10 Duping or Exploiting is strictly forbidden
1.11 On-going, pending and closed support cases are to be kept private at all times
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