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Mar 16, 2020
Official Block Island Server Rules

Disclaimer: These rules should be followed at all times, these are not all the situations that are included in the rules, these situations are not limited and may have other outcomes. Always use common sense, think before you perform an action as it may have grave consequences. Punishments will not always be issued but are an encouragement for members and players to not break the rules.

Section 1: General Rules
  1. New Life Rule: You can not return to where you died for 10 minutes
  2. Powergaming & metagaming is prohibited
  3. Combat logging is prohibited
  4. Criminal activities are limited to 8 players max at a time
  5. You must always remain in character.
  6. You must have a valid roleplay reason to initiate/rob someone, to get money is not a valid reason.
  7. If you bleed out due to not getting revived by EMS, you forget all previous information.
  8. Using the key chain function to get a player(s) name is prohibited.
  9. Killing without valid initiation / without reason is random deathmatch (RDM) and is against the rules.
    1. When initiating one some you should be visible and audible
    2. “Hands up or die” is not proper initiation.
    3. You must give the person a reasonable amount of time to comply
    4. You may not kill someone if they are complying unless there is a valid roleplay reason
  10. You may only pull someone out of the car when the car is stationary and you are within 5 meters of the car
  11. Intentionally running over a person is not allowed (VDM). The only reason you may vehicle deathmatch someone is if they are an imminent threat to your life and are standing in front of your vehicle.
  12. If negotiations are called off, you must wait 10 seconds before opening fire.
  13. Staff can not be staff on another A3L server.

Section 2: New Life Rule
If a player is unconscious you cannot remember what caused your death nor any immediate circumstances that led to your death. Furthermore, players are forbidden to come back to the place where they died for at least 10 minutes after respawning (exceptions to faction buildings for factions).

Section 3: Fail Role-Play
Fail RP is when you fail to stay in character.
  1. Playing music in jail when you have no phone on your person.
  2. If you are being pulled over by law enforcement you cannot evade without reason(reasons: They want to search you when you have illegal things, they initiate a felony stop and tell you to get out without a weapon, or it is a large ticket like $15k and you cannot afford to pay) this will result in 10 points if you fail to RP this.
  3. If you are in a traffic stop you cannot randomly initiate on the law enforcement officers
  4. You cannot randomly get involved in other people's situations.
  5. Talking when you are being gagged.
  6. Jumping in cars or out of cars when you are restrained.
  7. Yelling when you’re in solitary confinement (which you are surrounded by concrete walls).
  8. There must be at least 4 law enforcement officers online to rob and/or to kidnap a law enforcement officer
  9. You must initiate through voice and in person and not over twitter, text, or other forms of communication.
  10. You must be in-game using a roleplay name such as "John Doe" not "KEEM*" or any other examples.
  11. Going outside the map's borders, Into the debug area, Is against the rules
  12. You cannot knock somebody out while you are mid-animation of pulling out a gun, either if initiating or once initiated on.
  13. If you have 2 or more guns pointed at you and you are initiated on, you must value your life.
    1. If someone pulled a gun on you before you pulled yours, you must comply
  14. You must wait 3 minutes after being revived to initiate on anyone.
  15. You cannot shoot people while they are knocked out

Section 4: Kill On Sight
Killing On Sight AKA (KOS) is not allowed at any time unless specifically stated in one of the other rules.

  1. Cops can only be KOS’d when they are raiding your criminal faction zone or a gang has initiated on a law enforcement officer and other officers are driving with lights and sirens towards you
  2. If you see a cop car coming your way and you are taking someone hostage, you may NOT open fire on the officer or vehicle until he has pointed his weapon at you or has activated his lights and sirens.
  3. If you are doing a major crime and cops start to move in or shoot at you, then and only then you may open fire back at them.
Section 5: Faction Rules
  1. LSMS must respond to all calls
  2. LSMS must not reject reviving someone because they do not feel like it or want to
  3. LSMS are not to be killed.
  4. You can not steal EMS vehicles or gear
  5. Police may not disconnect after a major crime is started until 5 minutes after the major crime is over.
  6. The Department of Corrections property is defined as 100 meters from the walls.
  7. Faction High Command may not hold a rank on any other A3L server.
  8. Vehicles can only be impounded when the driver is not in the car and the officer is within 5 meters
  9. The civilian has a class 3 upholstered within 100 meters of DOC walls

Section 6: TeamSpeak Rules
  1. No trolling other players on the Teamspeak.
  2. Do NOT join channels when they are locked or have DND in their name.
  3. No inappropriate name changes (i.e. changing your name to xD xD just because you physically can).
  4. No joining channels and playing music, you must ask the owner of the channel if you can play music there.
  5. Use appropriate roleplay names at all times (i.e John Doe) not BoB)
  6. Do not poke a member of staff if you want to speak to them
  7. Follow the chain of command at all times, do not call for a member of the Senior Management Team for small things, an Administrator or member of the Senior Leadership Team can handle it.
  8. Do NOT use third party communications at any time.
  9. Do NOT advertise other TeamSpeaks.
  10. Teamspeak names that target players will be dealt with accordingly and will be punished for Cyberbullying.

Section 7: Gang Rules And Gang Wars
  1. Only Members of the Same Whitelisted Gang may initiate or take part in major crimes.
  2. Gang members may help each other if they are close to the situation.If you are at the other side of the map, you must re-initiate.
  3. You cannot remotely communicate with members who are restrained or arrested or have GPS destroyed.
  4. Gang wars may only happen if there is a legit roleplay reason, Like taking a gang member hostage, Must be approved by a member of the Senior Leadership Team
  5. Gang members cannot fight in green zones, Gang bases do not count.
  6. To do a jailbreak gangs must have a valid reason and evidence of a fellow gang member’s arrest.

Section 8: Major Crimes
You must wait 30 mins before doing a major crime after you do a major crime.
This includes -

  1. Bank Robbery
  2. Prison Breaks
  3. A hostage situation with more than 3 hostages.
  4. Anything declared a major crime by law enforcement high command.

Civilians are NOT allowed to join major crimes once they have begun. If negotiations are still active, civilians must declare themselves if they enter the crime. If asked, you must declare the number of externals. You may have a maximum of two externals.

Section 9: Initiation
  1. It is your responsibility that you are heard while initiating
  2. You must be visible while initiating
  3. You cannot initiate on a vehicle moving 40km/h or above
  4. You cannot initiate while in a vehicle
  5. Initiation last for 5 minutes
  6. Sirens are NOT an initiation
  7. You cannot randomly get involved in somebody's situation and initiate
  8. Initiation over radio or text message does NOT count
  9. You may not initiate on someone after a car crash
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Josh Jones

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Mar 16, 2020
Rules Update 19/06/2020

Rank 7+ in all government factions can not be corrupt.​
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