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Mar 17, 2020
Firstly Welcome To Block Island Life, this thread will teach you how to download the mods and connect to the server.

Task Force Radio Setup

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Step 1: Once you have joined the discord here head to #reaction-channel from here read and click the flower pot. This will give you the citizen and member roles on discord and give you access to the rest of the channels.


Step 2: After Step 1 has been completed head to #server-information and use ArmA 3 Sync to download the mods.
You will also find the teamspeak information here aswell.

Step 3: After the above steps are completed you can open up your ArmA 3 Launcher - Make your way to parameters - Tick the box that says "Mods" and then use the 3 dots to navigate to your arma 3 directory and the "Block Island Mods" folder you made previously. Highlight all 3 mod folders and click "open"
5launcher mods.png

Step 4: Once the above steps are complete you can now click "play" in the bottom left of your ArmA 3 Launcher

Step 5: Once you get to the main menu of ArmA 3 click "Multiplayer" and then "Server Browser"

Step 6: Once step 6 is complete click on "Direct Connect" and enter the IP:

Step 7: Once step 7 is complete you can find the server password on teamspeak in the "Server VOIP | Password in Desc" channel.


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